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There are so many resource lists on the internet. Every writer has their own list, so I thought I’de share mine with you guys.

Grammarly: The Free version catches comma mistakes, spelling errors and more. It also offers insights into how your writing is improving and the kind of errors you make. In the top corner, there is a rank that tells you how your writing measures up to other writers.

Grammar Girl: Grammar girl has always been there for me in a pinch. She breaks down punctuation in a way that is fun and easy to understand and pretty easy on the eyes.

Kindle Unlimited: It’s like Netflix for books. For 9.99$ a month you get access to thousands of books, and a lot of those books have information about topics like blogging, startups, and writing, but I encourage you to try the one-month free trial. This cool little site stops your email from pinging 200 times a day by unenrolling you from any subscription that you don’t want without all the fuss of going to the site. I recently realized that I was missing so many good resources because they were floating in my email along with all the junk mail subscriptions.

Meditations: Seriously, just go meditate before you write. You will thank me. There are some free guided meditations on youtube. You will feel much better.

Reddit: If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit it’s time to crawl out from under the rock. It’s a seriously underused resource for writers because there are subreddits for everything from writing prompts to garlic bread.

Canva: Canva offers great free options to create all kinds of graphics.

Epic Win: Is one of my favorite to-do lists, because it turns your to-do list into a quest.

Usplash: The images are high definition, free, and easily searchable

Facebook:There are so many facebook groups dedicated to writing and everything else.

I hope these resources help you my weary, bleary writers. Comment and tell me your favorite resources. Follow me on WordPress for more goodies and tips.

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